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But you LOVE Ladysmith Black Mambazo.... [26 Feb 2006|02:57pm]
Livejournal...ah yes, I think I remember something about writing in a journal once...a long time ago...

Yes, that's how bored I am right now...and how much I don't want to do math homework. I'm going to write in this journal while watching Batman on TV...how bizarre of me. But I have nothing else to distract me because everyone is at tech for the Dance Concert that's happening this weekend. Sucks for them... I did get to go to the diner with Pat, Noah, and Justin during their lunchbreak though, so at least I'm not bored AND hungry. Diners are weird during the day...

Anyway...Second semester of college is in full swing and it kind of sucks... I have real classes and they're hard and I'm going to fail everything. (Of course I say that because where I come from if you don't get an A you failed. I wish I had been more of an average person when I was younger, then people wouldn't expect anything from me now.) I'd like to be more studious, but it's hard when everyone's like, "Let's go out to eat" "Let's go play Catchphrase in the ET" "Let's play Hide and Go PAC" So tempting to go have fun rather than do homework, seriously... (And by the way...Hide and Go PAC is Hide and Seek in the Stockton Performing Arts Center played very late at night when no one else knows...It's fun, and I even won a round because the seeker underestimated how very small I am, haha)

My birthday is coming up...which is weird, because it will be a birthday where nothing special happens... I mean, I guess my family will send me some gifts and Justin will get me something, but besides that...I have class until 5:30 and everyone has to go to the Dance Concert at 6:30 AND I have class at 8:30 the next morning. Sounds like it's going to be a blast...not, lol. But oh well, I don't really care that much. It's just different :P And I'm going to be 19..that seems old to me. I won't be the baby here anymore, I'll actually be college age...scary.

Anyway, I can't really go back and say everything that's happened since September, haha. But I WILL say that I met Ladysmith Black Mambazo...haha. It's true. And I saw Rain Pryor in a bathroom. And...yeah, that's all. Everything is the same....

Now I'll just leave you with this:



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P Unit represent [13 Sep 2005|11:17pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

So what would happen if Stephanie actually wrote in her livejournal....

Everyone would die of shock... Well everyone being like Cujo...and maybe Kiley...and maybe Kate...and maybe Riene, who are probably the only people who will ever read anything I put here.

But probably just Cujo.


I'm at college...and I'm having a good time except for the roommate thing... Yeah, there's always some other person in my room. It's annoying.

BUT IM GOING HOME THIS WEEKEND! To a room where I can lock EVERYONE out!! I'm so excited. And I can eat real food. Yeah...the food here is poisonous and it WILL kill you.

So right now I'm in trouble because I didn't feel like saving the Artic tonight and went to the diner with a bunch of sorority girls instead...hahah. There's this girl who helped me move in and she invited me... Was fun, got to hang out with some different people. Usually I'm just hanging out with Lisa or Lindsay, who I love to hang out with and am definitely not tired of hanging out with, but it's fun to go out with all different people.

I feel like I'm making some friends here now. Like, I have people to say hi to in the halls and sit next to in class and things, lol. I have only a few people I could call to go hang out with though... Making friends is hard! I mean, not knowing anyone...it takes a lot of energy, lol. But ah well, I'm having a good time.

Some girl on our floor moved out today though. She was crying like all day and all night about wanting to go home and her parents finally let her. We helped her bring her stuff downstairs and everything and off she went... She really never gave it a chance though. I mean, I really wanted to go home and never come back the first week...but now I just want to go home and come back, lol. We've only been here for like 2 weeks...hmm, whatever.

I miss my friends though... Cujo is all out having fun without me :( And we have the most uncoordinated schedules. Whenever I call she's busy, crazy. Oh well, need to find different times to do that.......

And yeah...I don't know if I have anything more to say at the moment. I have to sleep. I went to bed much too late last night...and then didn't even sleep from being too upset about a certain person who shall remain completely nameless and no one will guess who it is anyway. I just feel that it needs to be in my journal, as it's mine, so there it is.

OH, and everyone should go look at my facebook wall because some guy I know from theatre things wrote me a Harry Potter HAIKU, LOL!!! How utterly random. It made my day though, for real, hahaha. Becky thought it was stupid and weird, but I enjoyed it so too bad...

And yes, it's bedtime, fo shizzle.

I don't know what that means.

Cujo always has such nice, concise lists and I just ramble on and on about NOTHING. I just felt like typing here. And now I have. And now I'm going to sleep in my comfy bed.

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45ove you ahago. [24 Aug 2005|12:15am]
[ mood | confused ]

Ok, so Becky always does these damn things in her journal and then I do them too. Maybe some day I'll actually use this damn thing as a journal....oh well.

Name 20 people off the top of your head.
1. Cujo
2. Becky
3. Lane
4. Adrian
5. Jon
6. Melanie
7. Savannah
8. Tom
9. Kate
10. Robert
11. Raj
12. Meredith
13. Kelly
14. Chris
15. Kim
16. Riene
17. Chervyn
18. Megan
19. Cassie
20. Beth

How did you meet 13?
I believe we were in the same class in 6th grade.

What would you do if you never met 5?
I would be sad because I’d have no one to give big hugs to and no one to make fun of for being such an old man….

What do you honestly think of 10?
I hate him. No really…I do. But I also think he’s the greatest tap dancer ever, hahah

Would or did 19 and 8 date?
….I’m disturbed by this question. No and no.

Have you ever liked 3?
Liked as in like like? If so, I think I did like freshman year, hahah

If 1 died tomorrow, what is one thing that you would need him/her to know?
That I love her, that I’ve always wished for her happiness, and that her amazing craziness made my life better

Would 2 and 11 make a good couple?
That would be awkward… Talk about long distance relationship, oh dear, haha

Describe 7 in 3 words.
Cool, fun, ….unicorn?

Do you think 12 is hot?
I think shes PERFECT!!!

Would 1 and 18 make a lovely couple?
Omg, YES. lmao

Tell me something humiliating about 11.
No, lol

Do you know any of 3's family members?

On a scale of 1-10 how cute is 14?
Haha, 10!! Who is cuter than Chris? :P

What would you do if 4 just professed their undying love for you?
Be confused…and have no idea how to respond to that, haha

What language does 19 speak?
English and....dwarvish? hah

Who is 8 going out with?

Is 9 a boy or a girl?
Kate is a girl

Would 18 and 4 make a good couple?
Um…awkward, I dont know, haha

When was the last time you talked to 12?
Thursday morning

What is 1's favorite band?
Violin Suicide? Haha, actually how embaressing, I dont really know what her very favourite band is…she likes My Chemical Romance, The Used, Dresdan Dolls, World Inferno, Icelandic Bubble Kitties…

Does 2 have any siblings?
Yes, one sister named Sarah, heh

Would you ever date 6?
Hell yes! :D

Would you ever date 7?
No, it would make Tom sad!

Is 15 single?
As far as I know

what is 19s last name?

What is 5's middle name?
I have no idea….

What is 10's fantasy?
To actually be cool?

Would 14 and 19 make a good couple?

What school does 16 go to?
Um…she works at a school…some religious one in Oklahoma…lol

What school does 1 go to?

Where does 9 live?
2 seconds from my house! Look! I can see her window from here!

Would you make out with 13?
No, lol

Are 5 and 6 best friends?
Seeing as they don’t know who each other are…I’m going to go with no.

Is 12 older than you?

Is 17 the sexiest bitch alive?
No, lol

Well that was pointless…..Yay

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RANDOM [03 Jul 2005|01:08am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I'm going to play this random OTP thing in Cujo's journal! Yay! This took a long time...

OTP things! Woot!Collapse )

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Brum would like to thank the academy... [25 May 2005|11:42pm]
[ mood | content ]

OVATION AWARDS! Always the best night at the Growing Stage, I think. Except this year had to be different and I had to be all nervous, haha.

Yeah, so Becky and I (or me at least) were freaking out before going up there to accept our scholarships. 500 bucks, woot. I was first... Lori made a speech...about me! It was so nice... And then I gave my speech, and people laughed and it was good. And I didn't cry! I was so proud of myself, I'd been so sure I would. So then I got a massive flower bouquet...and then it was Becky's turn. I love her...and she did cry. Aww, Becky, I love you... And Steve cried, haha.

So once that was over with we could breathe again. And then the new season was announced!

It is as follows:

Bunnicula (haha)
The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus (Of course...they do the best show ever when Becky and I LEAVE!)
Some show I can't remember the name of...Junie B with Monkeys or something, haha. Looks adorable though.
The Wizard of Oz (lmao...but they gotta do it, 10th anniversary of being at the Palace Theatre and all)
Sleeping Beauty (Oh man...so funny!)

And that's it. Enjoyed myself, was very nostalgic and such... And mine and Becky's names are on the marquis! Haha, awesomeness. And the display case in the theatre was filled with pictures of me and Becky in shows...ranging from when we were like 5 to now, haha. So hilarious.

In other news...BYE BYE BIRDIE!! Ahh, this weekend! I'm so excited. Our first run through today went SO well. Of course that means Opening Night will be a disaster...but let's ignore that rule, lol. Now we know that we are capable of doing it well :)

And...that is all. Bed time... Didn't read Sound and the Fury and have a quiz tomorrow, wheeeee :P

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I love you Carrington, Oh yes I doooo [17 May 2005|03:30pm]
[ mood | distressed ]

I'm writing in this journal to make sure that I stay awake before I have to leave for rehearsal. If I fall asleep there is no way I will wake up again, haha

Today was Teacher Turn About Day...and it was funny... Aldis thought being secretary meant being official school DJ, I got the Duck and Cover song played to me over the phone during 1st block, Kenny Wong got me a free doughnut from the teachers lounge, AND Cujo got me Broadway Bucks :) Plus, overall I didn't do much. Not that I ever do very much in school anyway.

Just wanted to note here...The Sound and the Fury is the worst book ever created. Why anyone would want to read a classic novel written after 1911 (haha) is beyond me.

So let's see...Oh. Here's some news, I suppose. The Growing Stage is giving me a $500 scholarship. I've always thought about what I might say if I got it...but now I have no idea how to begin writing a speech...by next Wednesday... My mother told me to go first because Becky will be funny. I guess she thinks I'm boring. Great, lol.

Anyway...I guess I'll come to the Phantom rant now. You can skip this part if you want, haha

But yeah, the cast is being changed...in a bad way. To most people, the changes made are NOT major, but to me they are HUGE HORRIBLE CHANGES :(

The first cast change I heard was a major one and was quite welcome. John Cudia (Raoul) is leaving (I'm sick of him anyway) and Tim Martin Gleason is coming in. He's been on tour forever and everyone seems to love him.

Then the bad news started... Julie Hanson is leaving! My favourite Christine! :( And she's being replaced by Rebecca Pitcher of all people. I hate Rebecca...her voice drives me nuts. The question is WHY is Sandra Joseph still Christine when she was supposed to leave LAST MAY??? Mehh, Julie :(

Michael Shawn Lewis is also leaving which is SO sad because I LOVE HIM!! :( Plus, I was going to ask him to take Raj and I backstage in August and now I need a new plan. Bah.

And lastly, and perhaps the most shocking and horrible announcement of all... CARRINGTON IS LEAVING!!!! I cannot even express how I feel about this. I mean...Carrington is the worst actor ever...but he's part of my Phantom experience! What will I do if I don't have Carrington around to make fun of?? And what will happen to him?? Who will hire him?? Where will he go??? :( :( :(

And yes...now I'm frantically trying to find a date when I can go see Julie for the last time. MSL might leave before I can go though :( So an extra special thanks to Cujo again for getting me the Broadway Bucks out of the teachers lounge. I actually hope to go before June 5. I'll probably have to sit in a crappy seat because the phansluts are taking all the good ones (damn them), but at this point I don't care. I just want to see everyone before they go :(

Blah...still time before rehearsal...guess I'll go write a loveletter to Carrington, haha

Peace out.

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Chickens Are Cool [23 Mar 2005|10:22pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

I call this...I don't want to do physics homework so I'll stall by stealing random things out of Becky's xanga and do them pointlessly. Yay.

1. Stephanie
2. Pokey
3. Lavendar

1. lavendarlove3
2. shorty4eva3187
3. AngelAminta

1. My hair (which is long and always will be, so there!!! haha)
2. My optimism
3. My confidence


I'm skipping this one...because hate is an awfully strong word and I'm all about supporting good self esteem, haha

1. English
2. French
3. Irish

1. Horror movies
2. Bugs
3. Tornadoes

1. Internet
2. Makeup
3. Broadway showtunes

1. Cassie's Growing Stage shirt
2. Eeyore Pajama pants
3. fuzzy, pink socks

1. Sarah Brightman
2. Josh Groban
3. Andrea Bocelli

1. See DIFFERENT shows on Broadway? (haha)
2. Go to college
3. Go to Disney World on a senior trip...hahah

1. Chickens make awesome pets.
2. I own underwear with a jingle bell attached.
3. I secretly love Laffy Taffy.

1. Personality
2. Smile
3. ...Deformities? (Just kidding...or am I? No, no, just kidding. ... ...Or am I?? hahahah)

1. Understand calculus
2. Start a physics lab before it's incredibly late at night
3. A backflip

1. Performing
2. Reading

1. SLEEP!!
2. Not have to do physics...
3. Buy a million random things off of ebay

1. London
2. the Outer Banks
3. Prague!!! haha

I'm done...must now find another distraction from physics... Oh well, at least only a half day tomorrow. And then 3 day weekend! Yay!

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Come and meet those dancing feet... [14 Mar 2005|01:35pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

Woohoo! Half day! Home from school! Since I'm home early and am not doing anything at this exact moment, I figured I update this thing...

Let's see...where should I begin...I have a bad memory so I can't really remember all the way back to when I last wrote in this thing, haha. Hmm...I remember Saturday! Ok, let's start there then, haha.

Had dance, then almost right after that had to run off to rehearsal! Yay! The beginnings of tech week...Rehearsal was looong. I mean, not really, it was 3 hours, but I mean it FELT looong, lol.

After it was over, I drove myself and Jillian to West Morris Central to see Becky in 42nd Street! Woohoo! Robert, Meredith, and Emily came to see it too. It was reallyyy amaahhhhzing. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Everyone was great and I was SOOO impressed with Becky's tap dancing skillz. That was pretty awesome. Haha, she kept making us laugh...especially with her faces during Shuffle off to Buffalo, haha. Now if only she hadn't screamed "RENT!!" so many times....

Oh yes, and Becky gave me my birthday present, which was 3 CD's that are like Broadway compilations. They're pretty sweet... Although they seem to think Sky Masterson has a southern accent...oh my...haha

Sunday...was a chocolate slave for a little while, then had rehearsal until 7. Stayed up wayyyyy too later not writing about Nazis. And when I finaly did start I wrote about gay Nazis...oh well.

Now, I should leave to go work at the chocolate store...Then rehearsal tonight, which will be a million hours long. (Oh no wait...that's A Chorus Line's rehearsal...hahaha, suckers!) But mine will go until extremely late at night. Luckily I have like no homework except a worksheet for calc...but I can just write random numbers and pretend I did it.

Woohoo for tech week! And woohoo for school! and woohoo for me! Or...however that quote goes...minus the tech week part...

Oh dear, whatever!!!

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OOOOOOOOOOklahoma, where the wind comes sweeping down the plaaaiiins [09 Mar 2005|09:19pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

This is going to be a long ass entry. Just so everyone knows.

Let's see...so last Friday I went to Kelly's house and we tried to accomplish things for Bye Bye Birdie auditions. Which we did. Woot. Then I went home at 9:00 and still had to pack everything for Oklahoma...because I'm not one to do anything in advance, haha.

Had to get up at a horrible, horrible time Saturday morning...I believe it was 5:38 am. Gross. I think I had like 4 hours of sleep if that. Got to Newark with the heaviest bag in the history of the world in tow. Flew to Dallas...slept most of the way. I was quite tired, I must say. Had to switch terminals in Dallas which actually ended up being a very good thing because I just had to ride the monorail instead of walking some far distance with my heavy ass bag.

Had fun there being independent. Went to a Friday's and had the best hamburger ever, lol. It was rather fun being off on my own in such a way :P

Then went to my gate and waited. I was wearing my HotDog Johnny's shirt so some guy was looking at it and asked if I was from Jersey, so I said yes. He offered to carry my bag for me when we were heading through the gate. I declined, but it was nice of him to offer I thought. He talked to me some more on the way to the plane and then tada...turns out I'm sitting next to him.

So yeah, he showed me his CD's and then the guy across the aisle got involved in the conversation because the guy next to me liked some band he liked too. So they discussed music...and skateboarding...neither conversation I had anything to contribute to. But then we talked about Garden State and Napoleon Dynatmite...so that was fun.

The guy next to me was kind of like Melinda...in that he sat there and basically told me his whole life story, lol. He was old and weird...yet not in a creepy way. He was nice. And I had someone to talk to, lol.

So yeah, when we got off the plane he carried my bag for me and told me where to tell Riene to pick me up and everything. And we said goodbye. Yeah, he was nice, never told me his name though, lol.

Riene was running late due to some adventure at the zoo...so I sat on a bench outside to wait and it was sooo nice and warm. It was awesome. Like 65ish probably.

Riene picked me up. Bwahaha, it's so odd...I was just like, "Haha, I'm in your car..."

We drove around, stopping at a few places including the "Hobby Lobby" which is a funny name for a craft store....

Got to her house where I settled into a nice stupor induced by sleepiness I'm sure... Was kind of fun being in Riene's house...Raj was majorly jealous, haha. Bill was really nice, the chillins were adorable...it was a good time.

Saturday night we ate at the Olive Garden which is always good and Riene ate calamari for the first time ever :P From what I remember we just stayed up wayy too late after that...though whether I was *actually* awake is debatable i think...

Sunday was spent laying around. Which was perfectly fine by me, as we all know I'm the laziest person ever and am quite content to laze around, haha. Except of course for when I was led on a wild adventure through the woods by little Erin...It was like 70 degrees...Was awesome.

Can't even remember how rest of Sunday was spent... I graded some of Riene's tests, typed to some people on Riene's computer to confuse them... Stayed up too late again that night.

Next morning had to get up earlyyyy. Damn everyone who was in NJ sleeping in till 11:30!!! haha :P Just kidding...sort of...

Was vrey kindly dropped off at the Oklahoma City University. Spent a little while wandering, trying to find the building I was supposed to be in. Couldn't. So I settled for just walking about at random. Finally went to the student center place as it was familiar to me. Found someone in there and asked him where the place was I was supposed to be. Yup, I'd walked right past it. Unfortuantely it's the only buliding that is not clearly labelled, haha.

Chilled in the student center for awhile...Found an armchair in a corner and just sat and tried to prepare myself for my interview as best I could. Wasn't really nervous...but was worried I'd screw up.

About 25 minutes before my interview I left the student center. Already I could feel that my high heels were giving me a horrible, gaping wound. Tore off a piece of a playbill I had and wedged it between the blister and the shoe, but was still in pain. Not sure if it helped at all.

Arrived at the building and found the Dean's Office easily enough. And I knew it was the right place...outside all the offices there were little marker boards hanging up and they all said, "Welcome Stephanie!" on them. Haha, that was pretty nifty.

The head lady came out to greet me and told me to wait a few minutes. Meanwhile, Patrick, my admissions counselor, came and chatted for a bit, then scampered off again.

Interview commenced. Three women interviewed me and they were all incredibly nice. I *think* I answered everything pretty well. They seemed to like me anyway. So I don't think I screwed it up or anything.

Had time to kill afterward, so I was brought up to a dance room to watch a jazz class. That was neat, they were mad good dancers. And I've told several people this...but I swear to God this happened, I'm not making it up.

Jazz teacher: *holds up floppy hands* Excuse me, are these jazz hands? *does uber jazz hands* THESE are jazz hands!!

I almost died. Too funny. Too funny...

After that I waited around for about 20 minutes then went back to the room to watch some of a ballet class. Went back downstairs to say goodbye to the head lady. She was so nice...and she said she thought I'd fit in well there, so I guess that's a good sign..hope so anyway, lol.

Bill and Riene picked me up...and were nice enough to stop at a drug store to get me bandaids for me open wound. Thank you, high heels. Have some special blister bandaid on it now.

Was dropped off at the airport, said goodbye to Riene... It was so incredibly nice of hre to let me stay.

Flew to Dallas...had to walk a million miles to propergate with big ass bag, grrrr. Finally got on the plane, but it was delayed. Which was a pain because at that point I reallyyyy wanted to be home.

Was sitting next to this really bitchy gay man who was mean...that was dumb. And this baby across the aisle SCREAMED and I mean SCREAMED the ENTIRE way to Newark...gahhhh. BUT I still managed to write my Dracula essay!! ...Only to discover that Ms. Joyce had struck again...and made it due on Wednesday...oh well, at least it's done.

Yesterday...back to school...dismissed early due to HORRID weather. Almost died. But avoided it, woot.

Today...school, school. Whatever. Senior play auditions! People showed up yay! Kelly thinks that I'll be Kim, Yay! That would be nice. We shall see :) Everyone did a good job at auditions I thought...I mean except for the people you knew wouldn't be all that great. But whatever, haha. It was rather fun...

NOW that was the longest journal entry ever. I told you it was going to be!! I'm tired. Need to do some homework. Hmm...let's see...what kind of environment to Nazis like? Do they prefer a water dish or a hamster type water bottle?

Goodnight everyone.

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Shhh, Brum's off to the Big Town! [02 Mar 2005|10:07pm]
[ mood | silly ]

I just had to share this... An important lesson for everyone.

Do not ever leave car keys unattended.

It was actually rather ingenius the way Cujo snuck into my purse and took my keys while I was in the library. I had innocently left my purse in Gillespie's room...never suspecting that someone would take the keys, sneak out to parking lot, and do horrible mischief.

I made a picture to illustrate this event:


This is a warning.


And...I'm watching Brum.

That is all.

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Robespierre is THE SEX [01 Mar 2005|09:31pm]
[ mood | happy ]


haha, had to do that...

So today was woken up by mother to inform me that school was cancelled. Yay! So we got to sleep in and go to IHOP. Woot.

IHOP...is so good...and my mother paid for breakfast, was most excellent.

We then went to my house and opened presents and watched Clue. Yay. And Kelly made me a shirt that says Robespierre is The Sex. Now I'm as cool as Savannah, haha.

Then we ate cake and did a lot of skanking. There was a ska-sh pit in my kitchen and in the room of my unfortunate sister, haha.

Then I had rehearsal, but got to leave early which was nice...

And since Cassie had a list of her presents in her journal when it was her birthday, I'm going to have a list too!!!

Mom: Card and pack of gum (hahaha)
Aunt Sissy and Uncle Jim: $150 and $18! (because I'm 18! woot!)
Diane and Allen: $50 (sweeet)
Nana and Mr. Ash: I don't know yet because the card is late...but it will probably contain money
Cassie: Something that's not here yet...but I hope it's The Very Best of Brum!! I hope!! haha

Cujo: Wonderword Calendar, awesome Rocky Horror framed picture, Scarlet Pimpernel playbill, various computer graphics
Kate: Cool chest thing with cool graphic on it, little Joshie calendar, and an I.O.U. for a sweet book (as opposed to a sweet bike)
Kelly: Robespierre is the Sex shirt, awesome belt she made thats jingly!, pretty pink pearl bracelet, playing cards, and a dollar for a lottery ticket
Unwanted Kelly Gifts: Laffy Taffy and Antonio

Cassie's Mommy: Totally gorgeous flowers with awesome Happy Birthday balloon

Tom: two CD's
Riene: sparkly, colourful card. that's sparkly!
Raj: Some sort of present that isn't here yet....

Steve Nitka: 3 brownies with chocolate icing! Sweet!

Now I'm going to write my Jesus essay for Stout...oh joy... But I'm sleeping in tomorrow! Woohoo! See everyone at 11:44! :D

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Napoleon, give me some of your tarts! [27 Feb 2005|05:58pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

I'm bored, so I'm going to write in this journal now.

Let's see...Today I went to the mall early this morning to get a suit. And have come to the conclusion that suits are the ugliest things in existance. Gross. I got one that was not quite as ugly as most of them. It's black with little pink dots. If only suits weren't so ugly...and didn't have shoulder pads...*shudders*

Anyway, then I went to rehearsal for like 4 and a half hours...What happened to 1:00-4:00? Oh well, sure, we'll stay till midnight...lol. We did accomplish a lot though, which is good as two rehearsals were cancelled last week and probably two more will be this week. Why doesn't it stop snowing???

And my song for the show....it is like 40 seconds long and changes keys 4 times. Surely that is unneccessary. There's only two songs that have an actual melody I think, lol.

The subject of this journal comes from the fact that me, Spellman, and Steve (two grown men btw) like to sit around and quote Napoleon Dynamite constantly. And the Queen of Hearts has this ridiculous accent/voice so when she said "tarts" it sounded like "tots" which sent us back into our Napoleon Dynamite quotage.

And...now I'm home and don't want to do homework :)

This week will be nice though, get to sleep in majorly because of HSPA tests, woot!

Aaaaand it's my birthday in like...a day and a half! YAY! I am excited...

Oh, and if anyone who cares is reading this...Kelly had a good idea that maybe we could goto IHOP that morning since we dont have to be at school till 12:10. Either that or after school we can go to the diner or something. And then at some point in the afternoon we can gather at my house for cake and presents. Woot :)

Unless of course, we have the same thing happen which it did on Cassie's birthday...where it snowed...a lot.... I sense it is very likely. In which case we will have to have another me, Cassie, and Kate gathering as Kelly and Savannah will be stuck out in the woods :(

Haha, oh well, it depends on the weather and how early everyone wants to get up on Tuesday.

And that's all I have to say, so I'm stopping now.

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My little straaawwwwbrrrry! [13 Feb 2005|12:05am]
[ mood | hyper ]

I...am so hyper...and I have no idea whyyy. Wheeee

This morning I had to get up early and go be a chocolate slave. Went to dance. Then went back to being a chocolate slave. Woot. But hey, we made lik $900 today. That's pretty darn good I think...

After that, Becky came over and we went over to Meredith's house. On the way we put in this CD thats just piano accompaniment to all these Broadway songs...so we sang to it...really badly. Haha, but it was fun anyway!

Meredith said there would be special guest at her house...but then it was just Gable. haha, no that was awesome. I haven't seen him in like a year! It was actually really nice to see him. Although, he brought his girlfriend and unfortunately she was shy and we were like crazy bouncing off the walls. So we felt bad because we think we scared her...she was really nice though.

We watched Down With Love, which really really amused me. Until the end, when I was just so confused that I just wanted the movie to be over, hahah. Then we watched Moulin Rouge. And I went insane with hyperness completely.

The night ended with ice cream and us trying to sneakily call each other on our cell phones for no reason...when we were all in the same room...

Then when we were ten minutes from my house Becky's cell phone rang and I pick it up and I just hear Robert singing Think of Me, hahaha. That was amusing. Especially because we were just singing it to the piano CD, LOL

Oh dearr....am still fairly hyper. Should calm down and get in the shower really. Have to be a chocolate slave again tomorrow...great...Have lots of homework to do too, gah.

Should really get caught up on my sleep though, am totally exhausted.

And yes...I'm done :)

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What have I do to with her bosom? [11 Feb 2005|10:38pm]
[ mood | amused ]

AHHH!! My journal is all pretty!!! Cujo, thank you so much. This is extremely fantasmagorical :D

Yes... I have to update now...because I have a pretty journal to write in... However, I fear the blue of my chibi Lestat avatar doesn't match :( Darn! Oh well, lol

Let's see....today... I went to school... And I was tired...

OH, here's some news... I got a 96 on my first calculus test!!! ...Too bad that's only because there was a 10 point curve and I got 6 bonus points...LOL. Oh well! It says 96 in the book, so too bad.

After school I went to work. And guess what? Melinda left 5 minutes early. I must have magical get rid of Melinda powers. :)

Then...I came home...and I'm still home.

I'm so dull, I really don't have anything to say. Except...MY JOURNAL IS PRETTY! :) :) :)

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I think the worst place for a fire would be the factory where they make those trick birthday candles [10 Feb 2005|06:56pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

I don't really feel like writing about my day...or any past days...so I'll just fill out this random quiz that Becky had in her xanga. Yes, this is how much I don't want to do homework right now, haha.

Spell your name backwards: einahpetS or yekoP (that was kind of hard...and it looks funny...heh. yekoP also rhymes of fop...so were all clear)

Have you ever had a song written about you?: Sugarplum, Sugarplum, give us candy, give us Stephanie Kingsbury haha, our theatre songs are so dumb...minus the Meredith song of course

What song makes you cry?: Um...songs don't usually make me cry really. Songs that are sad would be To Where You Are (Joshie), All I Ask of You Reprise (Phantom), Still (Miss Saigon), ...and I don't know, a lot of songs are sad, but my brain doesn't work.

What song makes you happy?: Um...Broadway songs that aren't sad? Again...brain doesn't work...I've been sleeping for like 3 hours and just woke up, sorryyy, lol

what do you do before you go to sleep?: um...put on my pajamas?

Height: 5 foot nothing, woot

Hair Color: um...brownish with some blondish reddish streaks?? haha, you tell me

Piercings: 2 holes in each ear

Tattoos: No

Right now....
What color pants are you wearing?: Pink! :P

What song are you listening to?: Schadenfreude

What taste is in your mouth: Well I just ate a bagel

What's the weather like? I don't know, I'm inside... I guess its cold.

How are you?: tired, sick, and procrastinating

Do You....
Get motion sickness?: Nope

have a bad habit?: Nail biting

have a girlfriend/boyfriend?: Nope

have a current crush?: No

have a big regret?: Um...not really


TV shows: Queer Eye, Family Guy, Simpsons, Win Ben Stein's Money (haha)

conditioner: Garnier Fructis

book: The Phantom of the Opera, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Woman in White...no I refuse to list ONE, lol

drink: Wild Cherry Pepsi and Vitamin water- the yellow one

thing to do on the weekend: go to the theatre... perform... sleep (leaving Becky's answer, lol)

Have you ever....

Broken the law: probably, not majorly, obviously, lol

ran away from home: no

Snuck out of the house: no

gone skinny dipping: no

made a prank phone call: yes, when i was 8, heh

tipped over a portapotty: ew...no

used your parents credit card: yes

skipped school: yes, its called a "personal health day" haha

fallen asleep in the shower/bath: almost

been in school play: unfortunately...

had a girlfriend/boyfriend: Yes

had children: No

been in love: Eh...not really

had a hard time getting over someone: Nah

been hurt: Sure

Gone out with someone you only knew for 3 days: No

Have a job?: Yes...Delectable Collectables (for a few more days anyway...) and I'm a SLAVE at Enchanted Chocolate. Is being a slave the same as having a job? lol

what cd is in your cd player right now: In my room: Avenue Q In my car: Sarah Brightman Live from Las Vegas Harem tour CD

if you were a crayon what color would you be?: that obnoxious yellow green colour

What makes you happy?: theatre, books, friends, fun things...

What's the next cd your going to buy? Um...I don't know. I hope to receive The Woman in White for my birthday, lol

When/what was the last...

time you got a real letter: I have no idea

time you got an email: today

thing you purchased: sandwich at school yesterday. oh yeah...and those good, soft cookies too, mmmmm

tv program you watched: I'm watching the Simpsons right now

movie you saw in theatres: actually...I think it was Phantom...I haven't been to the movies in awhile, hm

time you kissed: um...December

hugged: i have no idea...i hug people a lot, lol

song heard: Schadenfreude...as that's what I was listening to when I started this...making this question unneccessary, lol

place you were besides home: school, no i didnt go to be a slave today. i pleaded sickness

phonecall you recieved: from my mother, lol

time you were depressed: i dont know...sad things happen, but id call myself depressed

time you were in the hospital: i dont really remember...like November I think

What comes to your mind when you hear...

car: Brum

murder: Hyde..haha, I thought of that song...

cape: Phantom

cell: Phantom...i mean....phone....or mitochondria...haha

shoes: sneakers

fun: partay

crush: grapes?

Music: Man

chalk: board

That was completely pointless...I'll go back to staring at my blank word document now...haha

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That dog almost ate my face off! [31 Jan 2005|09:22pm]
[ mood | distressed ]

So I get home from dance tonight and there's a note on the door of my room...that went something like this:

"Dear Steph-neechan,
Mom and Dad took your computer to program the cash register so don't spazzith
Love, Magneto"

I feel like someone has ripped out a piece of my soul and is carrying it around... Either that or like someone has kidnapped my child...but promised to bring them home soon... MEHHHH MY LAPTOP!!!! :(


Anyway, let's see... I'm so not adjusted to new classes. They are rather annoying actually. I have to think ALL day now instead of just first block for bio. BUT I don't have to dissect that damn cat anymore, so that's a plus.

In English today...we learned that Robert Walton is sexually attracted to Victor Frankenstein. Yay. Oh...and we talked about anitheroes and Ms. Joyce's example was Harold and Kumar and Napoleon Dynamite...lmao, she is insane.

Physics...we did an experiment! Haha, I love how stupid our class is...because I'm allowed to be stupid. Mr. Mac helped us with the whole thing, it was awesome, lol. But omg...that Matt kid MUST DIE. He is soooo irritating. Mr. Mac asked us how we would define Motion in One Dimension. And Matt goes, "Well that doesn't really make sense..." and talked for 5 minutes CERTAIN that he could disprove the physics existed. And he made no sense. And was tres annoying. And I wanted to put my pen throug his head. Now I understand why everyone finds him so aggrivating.

Mr. Darcy is the sex
Heathcliff is the sex
Hamlet is the sex
Stanley: Sexy rapist extrodinaire

Those shirts will kick ass.

Haven't started doing any homework yet...am trying to apply to a college online, but have no idea when I took the SAT...damn. Oh well, lol

...I want my laptop back.

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You're wasting your gum [30 Jan 2005|12:52am]
[ mood | tired ]

DUDE, Pokey is writing in her livejournal.... Because someone told me they keep checking here and it's never anything new.

Yeah...last time I wrote anything in here it was September...haha

So yes...today is Saturday. This week was nice...seeing as I was in school for a day and a half, haha. I could've gone in and been CPR certified one day, but decided to go to IHOP instead :)

New classes started....blah. My slacking days are so unfortunately over. And I can't leave until 2:30...and it takes me like 30 minutes to get to the other side of Main St. Gah.

Today I had to get up early and finish college crap that is due on Tuesday...oops. Whatever. I don't care. Then I did a whole lot of nothing...that included a lot of History Channel and Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

And DUDE...dammit. They were doing Queer Eye in London for some reason...like it wasn't the London version, it was the regular guys...but in London. And so Carson and the straight guy they're making over are in a cab and suddenly Carson is like, "OMG, it's Graham Norton! I know him!" So they hung out with Graham Norton for like 5 minutes of the show. Sigh...I hate that man... It's all his fault that I had to hear TWICE about the size of ALW's penis...when I really did not want to know. Damn you, Graham Norton, damn you.

Tomorrow I am going to work...and soon I will not have to work at Delectable Collectables anymore. I think I'm going there like 4 more times. My mother's chocolate store is indeed opening on Tuesday, so my services will be needed there. Since she's not authorised to hire anyone yet, lol. Becky has asked to be a volunteer though :P

So yeah...chocolate...I am so sick of it. I WANT IT OUT OF MY HOUSE!!! ...Is it Tuesday yet? There's still 30 huge boxes in my room...can they leave too? Please?

Meh...am tired...and rambling...maybe I'll come back some other time and write something coherent. Wouldn't that be fun? :)

Wow...Cujo is so much more amusing than me...I am so utterly dull...oh well :)

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Right here, everyone! Buy Piangi's tongue from the OBC! [19 Sep 2004|08:00pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Woohoo...so today was the Broadway Flea Market. That was mad fun, like whoa! Spent most of my time at the Phantom table of course...there was lots of stuff to buy! Haha, yes, I enjoyed looking at it.

Here's what I bought:

-Howard McGillin signed colour photo, in costume (the guy who sold it to me liked me so only charged me 5 bucks instead of 10! yay!)
-Howard McGillin/Sarah Pfisterer black and white MOTN picture
-DOUG SILLS black and white picture from the Scarlet Pimpernel, AUTOGRAPHED
-Chandelier Beads
-Complete set of the notes from Phantom


I'm sad now though that I didn't buy the Avenue Q button that says "Well, you could always hang yourself!" hahah

Anyway, let's see, Michael Shawn Lewis was there who is my second favourite Raoul (after Jim Weitzer) and I got my picture with him in which I am taking a bite of his bagel...haha. That was fun.

And dude...then as I was walking along the street...Behind one of the booths set up...Bebe Neuwirth was just standing right there... It was SO weird, because you know, I've only ever seen her on TV and then she was just standing there two feet away from me... It was crazy...

I got Coldstone ice cream. It was the best thing ever, as always, lol

And yes...good times! :) :) :)

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Every hero needs a hug [11 Sep 2004|03:46pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Woohoo! Well yesterday certainly started off very awesome... School days that only last until 11:30 are really awesome!! So at that time Cujo and I ran away, laughing at the people who had to return to school at the end of lunchtime, mwahahaha. We went to the Chinese Buffet and then around Walmart and had a fine time, woot. But then we had to go back to school to pick up my sister and Chervyn...grrr...damn them. We got to school early too...and the stupid pep rally (that i didnt have to be at YAY!!!) went really late.. So we sat in the junior parking lot and played showtunes. Yay.

Then...later that night... I went to my second West Morris football game, haha. It was kind of boring though, because their team is just so good...We left at the beginning of the 4th period and the score was 55 to 0...lol. Sucks to be the other team, oh well. And I randomly saw Steve Roskowski there, that was amusing. He said it beats seeing a game at our school...I had to agree of course. At least West Morris wins...lol.

Oh..and marching bands should not play showtunes..that was the worst rendition of Chicago EVER :P

Then we (that's me, Becky, Danny, and Joe btw) go to my house to REALLY randomly watch this hilrious movie that me, Becky, and my sister made for a project Becky was doing in school on "performance art" I'd forgotten how bad it was, hahaha

Then we watched Signs...But I was reallyyyy tired and fell asleep. So Becky and Joe just left when it was over because Danny and I were just dead on the couch. Finally woke up and he went home and I could REALLY go to sleep. I was so tired...gah.

This morning I got up early to go to dance and...now I'm home....and...yeah. That's all I have to say...



I'm done.

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Damn you Lincoln, you righteous whore [05 Sep 2004|11:30pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Woohoo...so this weekend has been exciting so far! Actually that was a complete lie, this weekend hasn't been all that great, lol.

Let's see...yesterday was Saturday...ah yes...I worked for awhile in the morning which sucked because I had to get up at 8:30 and I so needed to sleep in after getting up at 6:30 for school...bah, oh well...

Then I went to Becky's house and we painted a cabinet...lol, and not very well either. I think it needs like 10 more coats, haha.

Then we went all the way to the Chester movie theatre to see De-Lovely. I had really wanted to see Vanity Fair, but the closest place to see that was like Parsippany or East Hanover, and I didn't feel like driving that far. De-Lovely was good and proves beyond doubt that I'm the biggest theatre nerd ever...If you go see this movie it proves that, really, lol. Becky and I were the only ones in the theatre under the age of 60, i swear. It got a little long actually...but it was good. I enjoyed it, yay.

Today I worked again...Then went to Becky's house for the baking party we've been threatening to have for forever. So yeah, her, me, Danny, and Joe made chocolate chip cookies and cream puffs! Woot...came out rather nicely too, we were very proud, lol.

Oh but guess what? Yay, I'm sick...and I probably will develop strep throat in the next few days because i feel really crappy. BAH, that sucks a whole lot :(

And I suppose I'm done babbling now. This entry was very pointless...sorry for boring you. But I'm pretty boring, if you want to be entertained go read Cujo's journal. I have nothing to offer you.

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